When to Cover or Not Cover Your AC Unit?

Now that summer has ended and the fall season is yet to come, it’s the perfect time to focus on all things that you have to do particularly during the autumn season. You’ll have to switch off the sill-socks outdoor, put up the storm windows, and even cover up your AC unit. If you have installed a split air conditioner, letting the outdoor unit to build up snow on it is an unwise thing to do. You’ll always be required to contact an air conditioner technician before summer arrives to make it functional once more. Hence, you need to be strategic and secure your unit with one of the most matching and the ideal AC covers available on the market today. 

The provided protection 

Several people don’t want to waste their time on installing or investing in a cover for their air conditioning unit. These people believe that it’s not that necessary. But, practical people who want to guarantee that their AC unit will always be running at its optimal level will make this minimal investment of money and time to protect their massive investment in the unit and have a boosted return on investment.  

If you’re still wondering why people do setup AC covers, well the simplest answer you can have is to secure their units from a lot of things like harsh sunlight, snow, bitter cold, ice, hail, moisture, nesting animals, dirt, and more, Though these are only some of the things that can be prevented if you have AC covers. Hence, it’s really important to invest in and install one. 

Knowing the consequences 

Perhaps you want to know how such aspects can impact the unit and the manner it operates. Reviewing such elements and their respective consequences properly will aid you to know and grasp things in a better way. 

Harsh sunlight 

Well, the unit must be secured from harsh ultraviolet rays from the sun.  

Because of this, most manufacturers recommend that you set up your units outside in shades. 

Nesting animals 

Though this does not need much of an explanation, this can cause damage to its inside wires. Moreover, it can lead to shorts as well once the unit is turned off. It is all science. 

Ice, snow, hail and etc. 

Even if the accumulation of these on the unit won’t have an instant effect on the unit, the issue may take place once it melts. Water that absorbs in onto the electrical circuits may internally harm the units and even results in short circuits once you turn it on, permanently harming the unit aside from the danger of fire breakouts from taking place.  


Dirt is the most hazardous aspect when it comes to an AC unit. It has a substantial effect on the outdoor unit’s fan and once because it will suck in the air together with dirt and dust from all sides of the units and once it builds up, its functionality can be affected even if it’s unused during winters.  

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