Leaky pipes may look like a plumbing problem that you can simply dismiss. However, it can actually result in costly and major issues in your home. If you don’t immediately detect it, even the smallest leak can potentially cause flooding, warped and stained walls, mold development, and poor water quality fixing such damages can possibly cost you a fortune. 

Though other leaks can be seen easily, some are undetected and perfectly concealed which can lead to your home’s structural damage and wreak havoc. In fact, well-hidden leaks are way more hazardous because it can cost even thousands of bucks in repairs and damage. If you have ant sewage and plumbing concerns, it would be best to ask thee, plumbing experts, today. Here are the following signs which mean you have plumbing leaks. 

Insects and bugs 

A leak in your plumbing system won’t just cause your water bill to increase and wastewater, it can also entice nasty bugs to get inside of your house. Once an enclosed space has dripping water, it can lead to making a paradise for pests. When the leak will become undetected for a long time, your house can be a haven for insects and bugs. Water leaks, the presence of mold and dampness can possibly alter your home’s entire ecosystem. Moreover, such pests can contaminate your supply of food and it can they can also invade your cupboard 

Cracks in foundation 

Noticing cracks in older homes is quite normal. But, the sudden foundation cracks formation in different areas can indicate that you’ve got a leaking issue somewhere in your house. The water that leaks from the pipes can result in your home’s structural components. As a result, this causes your foundation to weaken, causing cracks to be visible in various areas like your walls and foundation,  

Development of mildew and mold 

Leaky pipes can lead to a moist, thriving, and dark environment for mildew and mold. Pay attention to any signs of dampness on your ceilings, walls, and/or floor. If you’ve got an of these, then you surely have a leaking plumbing issue. Moreover, when you can smell any musty odor, it can mean that there’s a buildup of old water close by. 

Unceasing water meter ticking 

Checking the water meter is among the best ways of detecting whether you’ve got a hidden leak. When the meter keeps on running without utilizing water outside or inside your house, then consider that as a great indicator that you’ve got plumbing system has leaks.  

Shocking increase in your water bill 

Though it is usual to experience water bill surge, particularly during hot summer seasons, an unexplainable and sudden increase could possibly be an indication that your house has some leaking somewhere. If you think this is the problem, try gathering your water bills before and try to compare them to your bills now from the similar months last year to determine whether the change isn’t because of seasonal change. 

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